Invasion 1.20 Run and Gun review

The One Where: Dave meets a lady!

AIR-DATE: 03/05/06

Written by:
Michael Foley and Juan Carlos Coto

Sergio Mimica-Gezzan

Nathan Baesel, Veronica Cartwright, James Frain, Joshua Gomez, Mark Colson, Tina Holmes

Rating: 3.5/5

Russell warns the town’s mayor about the imminent storm and advises evacuation. Tom backs him up. Meanwhile Mariel, who’s tending Sirk, gets some warning about her children in the post. It must be Szura’s doing, don’t ya think?

Dave goes to pick up the little one (you know, Jesse’s little sister whose name they hardly ever say) from her class and gets into a conversation with her teacher, Ms Wade, who tells him she is dying. Anyway, he seems to fall for her a bit. Bless.

Tom sees his deputy escorting Kira from the hospital. Tom stops his deputy and works out he’s working for Szura. Tom gets in the car with him and interrogates him. Eventually, pissed off with him, he kills the deputy by driving the car into a building.

The storm is approaching. Russell and Tom make sure Larkin, Mariel and the kids are safely evacuated and they then head back…

The build-up for the invasion proper seems to be happening – what a pity we’ll never get to see it. However exciting Invasion gets, and this is pretty good, it’s not worth getting excited about, since it’s dead. Good to see Tom being so ruthless, by the way. His killing of his deputy was quite unexpected. Go Tom!

Mariel: “What are you doing with that camera?” Dave: “Making a documentary.” Mariel: “On what?” Dave: “The destruction of the entire human race.”

Steve O'Brien

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