Inscryption celebrates one million copies sold with a message from its very angry stoat

Inscryption screenshot
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Inscryption has just passed one million sales, and there's a brief message from the very angry Stoat to celebrate.

Well, perhaps "angry" is a little too harsh for our faithful furry companion. Just last week, publisher Devolver Digital announced Inscryption had totalled one million sales, less than a month after it went on sale exclusively for PC. This was 'celebrated' by the ever-present Stoat in the video just below.

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Look, the Stoat's a good boy, in truth, he's just got a lot going on right now. Hell, he spends most of the time in my games of Inscryption being sacrificed along with the abysmally useless Squirrel to summon someone who can actually deal a decent amount of damage, so we'll excuse his grievances here.

If you're wondering what all the fuss is about with Inscryption, it arrived on Steam  with very little warning in December 2021, as the latest venture from Pony Island developer Daniel Mullins. The developer is up to their some more weird and wonderful tricks, as what at first appears to be a simple card game continually spirals out inside something more eclectic. 

Just last week, Inscryption was revealed to be neck-and-neck with the excellent Unpacking for nominations at the IGF Awards 2022. The card game was up for the awards for Excellence in Audio, Design, and Narrative, and was also nominated for the Seumas McNally Grand Prize. Inscryption really was one of the best games of 2021, and is still an absolute treat if you're yet to experience its madhouse.

If you're still ploughing through Mullins' new game, you can check out our Inscryption clock puzzle solution guide to solve one of the more agonizing puzzles in the game.

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