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Insane rabbit posse

The happy-go-lucky world of Rayman is about to get overrun by some zany bunnies. Ubisoft announced today that the fourth installment of the Rayman series has been infiltrated by a pack of fuzzy yet totally deranged rabbits.

These Raving Rabbids are completely crazy... they'll play anything!

Slated for release on all the current-gen consoles and next-gen systems (with the Nintendo Wii included for good measure), this new Rayman title sees the limbless wonder's creator, Michel Ancel, return to shepherd his latest adventure. In addition to a pile of nutty bunnies, Rayman Raving Rabbids enables you to ride an eccentric variety of animals and even dress Rayman up in the various music-themed outfits. We can't wait to mount a spider as a punk Rayman, but it looks like we'll have to... at least until this holiday season.

May 3, 2006