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Justice League Incarnate stars in new DC title as Infinite Frontier saga continues

Justice League Incarnate #1
(Image credit: DC)

Writer Joshua Williamson will continue to expand what's turning out to be his Infinite Frontier saga. 

In advance of the release of DC's November 2021 solicitations, on August 12 the author and prolific writer announced via Twitter that he's co-writing a five-issue "over-sized" Justice League Incarnate series for DC along with Dennis Culver starring the Justice League-like team that protects the Multiverse. 

variant cover of Justice League Incarnate #1 by Jorge Fornes (Image credit: DC)

He calls it the "second act in the Infinite Frontier Saga."

The series' first issue will be illustrated by Andrei Bressan and Brandon Peterson. Subsequent issues that will take place on different Earths will be illustrated by rotating artists.  

The new title is a spin-off of Williamson's own current Infinite Frontier six-issue limited series that seems to be setting the DC Universe up for a major new Crisis series featuring a leveled-up Darkseid as the main threat, in which Justice Incarnate are major players. 

"Justice League Incarnate must race across multiple worlds to stop Darkseid from gaining control of the greatest force in the Multiverse," Williamson reveals on Twitter. "Each world they visit has its own awesome artist!"

DC reveals to Newsarama that the team is indeed defending the Multiverse against  "the one true Darkseid" after a "devastating defeat" at his hands.  

Justice Incarnate is made of up President Superman (or Calvin Ellis of Earth-23), Captain Carrot of Earth-26, Mary Marvel of Earth-5, Aquawoman of Earth-11. 

Barry Allen/The Flash of Earth-0/Prime was a new recruit but as of Infinite Frontier, he is a prisoner of Darkseid and the Psycho-Pirate. 

cover of Justice League Incarnate #1 by Gary Frank (Image credit: DC)

Flashpoint Batman (Thomas Wayne) is currently on a mission with the team in Infinite Frontier and the preview images seem to suggest he'll be sticking around, and it appears he'll be joined by Avery Ho, China’s Flash from Earth-0, and according to DC the brand new superhero Dr. Multiverse of Earth-8.

That said, the Frank cover features Thunderer from Earth-7, a weather god of the indigenous Mowanjum people of Australia.

The published says its mission is a "last-ditch effort to stop the end of every possible universe as we know it!"

November 2's Justice League Incarnate #1 features a main cover by Gary Frank and a variant cover by Jorge Fornes.

In addition to being the writer/co-creator of Birthright which was illustrated by Bressan for Image Comics (which just ended its 50-issue run), for DC Williamson is the former long-time writer of The Flash. He also currently writes Robin, Future State: Gotham which he co-writes with Culver, and the upcoming new series Deathstroke, Inc.

Now's as good a time as any to rank all of DC's Crises from best to worst.

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