Infinity Blade II slices and dices in new developer diary

iOS gamers have one more night's sleep until they get their thumbs on Chair Studios and Epic Games' Infinity Blade II. In preparation for the sequel's inevitable app store domination, Chair has released another developer diary explaining how new weapon classes, enhanced combos, and two-handed attacks will make for a bigger and better mobile epic.

Above: Your fingers are ready

Infinity Blade II picks up after Siris' defeat of the God-King, and follows him on his journey through the Vault of Tears to locate the Worker of Secrets, a mysterious figure credited with making the infamous Infinity Blade. In addition to new enemies, weapons, and multiplayer options, the sequel will also sport a larger number of environments and a deeper storyline.

Infinity Blade broke records for the fastest grossing iOS app when it was released last year. Judging by the work Chair and Epic have put into its follow-up, it seems likely Infinity Blade II will carry on the family name nicely.

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