Indie Game: The Movie Special Edition adds epilogues, new short films

Indie Game: The Movie ended with Super Meat Boy about to release, Fez recovering from the brink of collapse, and The Witness barely a glimmer in Jon Blow's eye. A lot has happened for the documentary's subjects since then, and you can catch up with them and other compelling stories with Indie Game: The Movie Special Edition.

Epilogues for Team Meat, Phil Fish, and Jon Blow's stories show life after their respective creations, and short films about creators such as Derek Yu and Jason Rohrer show new stories. The extra features amount to more than 300 minutes of footage in all.

The Special Edition will release on July 24 for $15 digitally, or in a limited box set for $60 Canadian. Don't fret if you already bought the old version, though--you can snag just the new bonus features DLC-style for $5.