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Indie developer Terry Cavanagh is giving away free games to help those "in need of a distraction"

(Image credit: Terry Cavanagh)

Indie developer Terry Cavanagh is giving away 1000 free copies of his games in a 100% off sale. 

Cavanagh posted about the gesture on Twitter in the hopes that the free games will help those in "need of a distraction" given the current climate. "This has been such a terrifying and stressful week for everyone," Cavanagh writes, "... I wanna do something small." 

The three games, which are available on, are currently on sale until tomorrow at 1:30pm UTC and are available to claim on a first come first served basis. You can currently pick up a copy of Dicey Dungeons, VVVVVV, or Super Hexagon free of charge. As of writing, Dicey Dungeons has already hit the 1000 copies cap, but the other two titles are still available to pick up. 

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Super Hexagon is described as a "minimal action game" with music by Chipzel. Moving to the rhythm of the music as a Hexagon shape twirls and spins to the beat, you have to dodge out of the way in time. VVVVVV, on the other hand, is a platformer that sees you play as the heroic Captain Viridian and you have to set out to find your friends and bring them back to safety. Oh, and save the universe, of course! 

With many currently having to work from home or go into self-isolation as a result of COVID-19, Cavanagh hopes the free games can act as a way to help you take your mind off of things. 

"Enjoy the games, and take care of yourselves," Cavanagh writes. It's a lovely sentiment in these troubling times. 

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