In Memory Of My Father review

There’s more than a whiff of Festen and Altman in first-time director Christopher James’s frantic, enjoyably overstuffed funeral drama, as the three troubled sons of a has-been Hollywood producer throw a rowdy wake for their problem patriarch, which he has bribed the youngest son Chris to film. Despite the cooling corpse and the cameras, family tensions explode into black comedy as Chris finds himself torn between two lovers, cuckolded middle son Jeremy explores Ecstasy and marital honesty, and eldest son Matt gives his father’s ex-lover carnal comfort on the bedroom carpet. Unabashedly an actor’s movie (everyone cutely uses their real-life name), the film skewers but also revels in narcotic-fuelled Hollywood narcissism, with a no-holds-barred performance from Jeremy ‘Six Feet Under’ Sisto, and Judy ’Waitress’ Greer, hilariously dippy, greedy and horny as Dad’s last squeeze.

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