I'm immediately in love with this turn-based RPG where a pocket knife-wielding mouse fights cats

Small Saga
(Image credit: Darya Noghani)

I haven't even played this unexpectedly adorable RPG where you play as a pocket knife-wielding mouse yet but I'm already in love. 

Small Saga is a turn-based RPG starring a little mouse holding a regular-sized pocket knife. Developed by Darya Noghani, the game was released on November 16 and quickly gained fans due to the game's hilarious premise, adorable visuals, and fantasy setting. Giving a tiny rodent a weapon is pretty much guaranteed to win people over - including me. 

Set below the streets of London, in the medieval town of Rodentia (which is full of rats, mice, moles, squirrels, and other small mammals), little mouse Verm must go up against a slew of enemies including a cat, a swashbuckling water vole, a lab rabbit, a Kraken, and more. As explained on the game's Steam page, Small Saga is a "tightly-focused and boss-oriented adventure" meaning you won't be grinding in this RPG.

My favorite part about this game (other than the fact it features a mouse swinging a knife around) is the world the creatures live in. Rodentia is like a tiny version of London and features everything from knights, bards, royalty, and more. 

The reviews are also enough to make you want to play, for example, one Steam user recommends the game because: "Mouse with knife," while others have made reference to the game's "gay rats." Others have written longer reviews, saying things like: "Unbelievably good game with no wasted parts," and "completely fun and charming." 

If you're still not sold after all of that, you can actually try out Small Saga for free via its Steam demo. On the other hand, if you're already convinced that you need to play this game, there's also a deluxe edition available which features an original soundtrack and travel guide. 

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