If you're still waiting for Advance Wars 1+2, look no further than Wargroove 2

Wargroove 2
(Image credit: Chucklefish)

Wargroove 2 looks to be the perfect solution for endlessly patient Advance Wars fans.

The strategy sequel from Chucklefish was announced earlier today on March 8, revealed to be in development for PC and Nintendo Switch. Wargroove 2 should be well worth keeping an eye on for hardened strategy fans, especially if you're longing for that long-gestating Advance Wars collection.

Advance Wars 1+2: ReBoot Camp is finally coming to the Nintendo Switch next month on April 21, after a huge delay from last year. Fans of the beloved strategy series have been left waiting for the remakes for a fair while now, so news of Wargroove's sequel might be music to their ears.

However, the Advance Wars collection will most definitely be out before Wargroove 2. The newly-revealed sequel doesn't have a release date yet, so we could be waiting a fair while until it's here on either PC or Nintendo Switch. Still, at least Advance Wars fans can rest easy knowing they've got another great strategy game on the horizon to look forward to.

The original Wargroove won a pretty sizeable following a few years ago on the Switch, not just for its eye-grabbing art style. The turn-based tactical battler had players commanding armies of creatures around a miniature battlefield, doling out hits between units in combat that was equal parts enjoyable and tough.

In fact, Wargroove 2 might be one for those fresh off Fire Emblem: Engage. The latest entry in Nintendo's long-standing strategy series just arrived earlier this year in February, and as lengthy as Fire Emblem games typically are, there's no doubt those already looking for a fresh strategic challenge. If that's you, then look no further than Wargroove 2.

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