Ice Cube ponders comic book adaptation

After spending what seems like the last decade either channelling his family friendly, Are We There Yet side, or embarrassing himself trying to act tough in rubbish action movies (xXx2), Ice Cube might finally be closing in on some – ahem – cooler projects.

One such possibility is an adaptation of the graphic novel 10, which Dimension is dangling before him. Originally penned and inked by Shannon Eric Denton and Keith Giffen, it’s the harsh take of a man who is sent what looks like junk mail that warns him he’s in a competition to the death with nine strangers. Naturally he chucks it away, but then one of the other players shows up to his door with an axe – and he’s not offering to help chop wood.

Gustin Nash and Jesse Cale have written the script and Ice’s company CubeVision is busy negotiating his deal. Let’s hope this means a proper badass Cube will be back in business soon.

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