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I Got Next: Why you should care about Oni, Bungie's forgotten gem

Things could have been so different. Imagine a world in which people didn't love Halo when it came out in 2001? Would the Xbox 360 have existed? Would Destiny have ever been made? Most importantly: would Oni, Bungie's PS2 homage to Ghost in the Shell, have gone on to become the studio's most beloved game?

Probably not! As Taken King mania sweeps over the gaming land this week, though, now's the perfect time to revisit that strange entry in the Bungie catalog on I Got Next, our weekly talk show. Coming along for the ride is writer, comedian, and host Matt Little. Matt's a jack of all trades, hosting the weekly showcase BYOT at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater, writing at Comic Book Resources, and ranting for Toy Pizza. It all starts at 3:30PM ET/12:30PM PT.

Dig the show? We’re here four days a week, Monday through Thursday so make sure to follow our Twitch channel! When are we live? Here’s our schedule:

Monday: What’s Happening
6:30PM – 8PM ET/3:30PM – 5PM PT
Maxwell McGee and company take you inside the world of gaming this week, playing what's new and discussing everything that's happening in the news.

Tuesday: I Got Next!
3:30PM – 5PM ET/12:30PM – 2PM PT
Anthony John Agnello hangs out with fascinating folks from every walk of life, playing their favorite games. This is you chance to chat with creators from the world of music, film, comics, and everything else under the sun.

Wednesday: Departure Lounge
6:30PM – 8PM ET/3:30PM – 5PM PT
Sometimes you just look at a game and wonder: what in the f*&% is that?! Hosts Ludwig Kietzmann, Ashley Reed, and the rest of the GR+ crew check out gaming's strangest treasures.

Thursday: How It’s Done
4:30PM – 6PM ET/1:30PM – 3PM PT
Arthur C. Clarke said that any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. Maybe that's why video games seem so remarkable. We meet with the creators of the best games to demystify the process.