Huxley gets publisher, dated for 2008

Online first-person shooter Huxley has finally found a publisher that will release the game through an online portal later this year.

Distributor NHN USA has confirmed it has picked up the rights to publish the title in North America and Western Europe.

Those eagerly anticipating the combination of twitch-based gameplay and role-play sensibilities will be able to download it from the NHN USA'sportal (opens in new tab).

NHN USA has yet to elaborate on plans for a more traditional retail release, but the company also owns the first-look rights to publish the game on 360.

Given developer Webzen has previously stated that the console version would arrive approximately six months after the PC release, we wouldn't be surprised to see a simultaneous box release sometime next year.

Courtesy of CVG (opens in new tab).

Jun 3, 2008