Humankind beta test will offer "up to 200 turns" and "5 eras of human history"

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Sega and Amplitude Studios have announced a beta test for the upcoming strategy game, Humankind.

The closed beta will offer players the chance to "play through five eras of human history in the Humankind closed beta", which includes ten new industrial era cultures, along with "planes, trains, and artillery".

Here, take a look at the game in action:

"Our past OpenDevs have been more focused on the early game," a press release explains. "Now, for the first time, we’re giving access through to the end of the Industrial era, or 200 turns, whichever comes first. This represents 5 out of the 6 total eras that will be in the game at launch."

That means that this time around, players can try out 10 new industrial era cultures, exploit coal and oil to push your economy to new heights of productivity, build railways to cheaply and quickly move goods and troops, and fight the biggest battles yet, "supporting them with long-range artillery bombardment, and taking to the skies to keep an eye on your enemies".

Though the precise date of the beta has yet to be unveiled – there'll be more info coming later today at the E3 2021 (opens in new tab) PC Gaming show – the developer has confirmed that all pre-orders of Humankind either on Steam or Epic will "grant instant access to the closed beta when it starts". If you're super keen, you could also hang out with a selection of Twitch streamers who will be "dropping keys and customized avatars" all through next week.

Humankind was originally scheduled to release in late 2020, but it was delayed until April 11 back in the summer of 2020, and then again – this time to August 2021 – back in March (opens in new tab)

Amplitude Studios is probably best known for its work on Endless Space, another 4X strategy title, but it was clear from the off that it wanted to explore something different with Humankind. Rather than focusing on an end goal of conquering the globe, Humankind uses a Fame system that rewards you for your civilization’s memorable deeds throughout the ages. Apparently, it’s not about the destination, it’s about how your empire will be remembered (opens in new tab).

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