Hulu Plus goes live for all PS3 users next week

Next week, you'll no longer need to be a PlayStation Plus subscriber to have Hulu Plus on your PS3. Sony is lifting the requirement as the Hulu Plus service becomes available to everyone, and will no longer be invitation only.

Hulu Plus charges users $10 per month to be able to access Hulu on other devices like Internet-connected TVs, Blu-ray players, iPhone/iPad, and the PS3. In addition, users can watch back-episodes of dozens of other TV shows not accessible to regular Hulu viewers. There are thousands of hours of content available to Hulu Plus subscribers.

However, some of the shows that are available on free Hulu, like The Apprentice, Psych, and Jimmy Kimmel Live, just to name a few, don't show up on Hulu Plus devices. This is due to licensing issues with some content providers. In addition, it also still shows commercials that cannot be skipped during most current-season shows.

Nevertheless, Hulu seems happy with the progress it has made during the preview phase of Hulu Plus and is ready to unleash it to the wild.

The PS3 remains the only game console to have Hulu Plus. Xbox 360 support will come next year, and there have been no Wii plans discussed.

[Source:PlayStation Blog]

Nov 4, 2010