Huge new Halo 3 screens

Tuesday 1 May 2007
Give yourself a visual aperitif ahead of this month's Halo 3 beta session (kicking off on 16 May) with these pretty massive - and massively pretty - shots from the three multiplayer maps.

There's a whole barrel of images, but developer Bungie has also provided some much-needed info updates, spearing a couple of net-led rumours in the process.

If you'd read that 11 May had been pigeonholed as a date for the 'unveiling' of Halo 3, you might have been excited. Well, don't get too over-enthusiastic - "The 11 May date simply refers to a public beta preview for the press," Bungie has pointed out.

Of course, strictly speaking it will be the date that Halo 3 is revealed, to us hacks at least, though there won't be anything shown that isn't included in your own experience a few days later.