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How to win Fallout 76 Nuclear Winter battle royale? Bethesda says you're forgetting something

Fallout 76 has a brand new Nuclear Winter battle royale mode, and it's live right now. Yes, now. You might have already jumped in to give it a go yourself, but according to  Marc Tardif, one of the developers who worked on the mode, there's one big thing most people are completely forgetting which he's noticed when watching streams of Nuclear Winter. His advice? Remember to use your blueprints, people!

Tardif told me that the biggest thing veteran players "might be overlooking right now, given that the game has only been out for a little over 24 hours, is using blueprints. So one thing I don’t think many people have really caught onto yet is that you can take your blueprints that you’ve created in Adventure Mode and actually use them in Nuclear Winter. You could create some very specific blueprints that you think would be really good for fortification. Before Nuclear Winter, you go into Adventure Mode and build those things out. You save them, and you go into Nuclear Winter. And as you’re playing, you just drop" them into the game. 

Blueprints are saved plans of bases that you've already built, so once you've constructed something small and simple - preferably with some turrets to dissuade anyone from coming too close - you can save the camp to your blueprints, then when you're in Nuclear Winter you don't have to waste time building something from scratch. Tardif went on to say that "watching streams of people right now – no one’s really tapped into that yet. But I think they’re going to, pretty quickly, and that’s going to really change the way people play the game, I think. I’ll be really curious to see what they do with it". You and me both, Marc!

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