How to watch Years and Years online

How to watch Years and Years online
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The latest TV hit of 2019, Years and Years, did absolute numbers in the UK, and to make sure you can jump on the bandwagon it now its finished its weekly schedule, you'll need to know how to watch Years and Years online. Following soon after the end of some of the other big hitters - Game of Thrones and the brilliant Chernobyl - Years and Years is a tech and time-themed program that is proving a worthy entry into the same 'genre' as a certain Black Mirror.

Given the series' emphasis on tech and time the parallel reviewers and critics are drawing between it and Black Mirror is well-founded, and reinforced by the programs tone, too. High praise indeed, but worthy of it too. Years and Years has an intriguing, and gripping story that centres around a single family, the Lyons, and all their plot lines converging with one another on one night in 2019. The series then uses time wizardry to accelerate the story and all of its subplots over the course of fifteen years following every twist and turn. While the story of the Lyons plays out, on the 'larger' scale other historic events unfold and the show documents the rise of celebrity turned politician Vivienne Rook, played by the wonderful Emma Thompson.

Now that its finished its weekly cycle, its all about getting it in one hit, altogether. All six episodes are available on the BBC iPlayer now, and will be for a couple of months. Our UK readers can just navigate their way there, then, and it'll be easy as pie. While it remains a BBC exclusive at the moment there is good news for our US chums: it premieres on HBO in the US on June 24th. Wherever you are and want to potentially watch Years and Years, we have the low down on how you can do so right here.

How to watch Years and Years from anywhere via a VPN

A great way to ensure you stream shows like Years on Years that might have slipped under your radar is the use of VPNs. These nifty things enable you to watch Years and Years no matter your location. If you've gone on vacation or summer holidays, or are away for business, these handy systems will allow you to access streaming services. Here are a handful of our favorite VPNs:

ExpressVPN (comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee)  is our favourite VPN for accessing TV and film, and it's the often ranked number one in the world generally. This is because its speedy, reliable and secure and compatible with loads of devices. They have a current offer of an extra 3 months for free at the moment, too.

IPVanish supports a wide range of devices so is great for watching on the go, while its security aspect will keep you safe.

NordVPN is an affordable option and also includes SmartPlay tech.

A VPN is perfect if you're on holiday, abroad and need to get your Years on Years fix. However, they will also allow you to access other accounts like Netflix and Hulu while away so you'll be well set for value and convenience.

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Streaming Years and Years in the UK

UK viewers get the first bite of the cherry and it's really simple: just tune into BBC One at 9pm on Tuesdays and you'll catch the remaining two episodes live. owever, if you prefer to watch it online you can head to BBC iPlayer, or get it on your mobile devices with the BBC iPlayer app which you can download here for Android and here for Apple devices. The show will be available on the iPlayer for a while after we'd wager so that's your best bet to get it all should you need to binge it at a later date. 

The other way to watch BBC iPlayer is to go to as this offers quality and reliable streams. You'll likely find it faster, more responsive and quicker to get up and running with, too so its a great option that is still free and legal.

Remember, if you're away on holiday, for business or any other reason, you can use the VPN options above to access your BBC account on the go to ensure you don't miss the remaining episodes as they go out.

Streaming Years and Years in the US

For US readers, you will have to be patient for a couple more weeks, until it airs on HBO on June 24th. As it's an HBO show the best method for US viewers, perhaps somewhat obviously, is to go straight to the source with an HBO NOW subscription. They offer different packages, with each offering a free trial at the beginning (usually 7 days). Prices start at $14.99 a month and increase depending on which package you choose. If you're out of the country, don't forget your VPN options above to help access your HBO NOW account on the go, too.

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