How the new Fallout 3 DLC changes the game's ending

If you wished that Fallout 3 could have ended differently (or, indeed, not ended at all), then you'll be mighty interested in the newly announced Broken Steel DLC. Scheduled for Xbox Live on May 5 at a cost of 800 points, the fresh content will offer new options for the game's final mission (Take it Back!), effectively changing how Fallout 3 ends. And, once the main quest and the Broken Steel story are completed, you'll be able to continue with side quests and exploring the Wasteland.


Previously in the game players had to sacrifice either themselves or Brotherhood of Steel member Sarah Lyons at the end of 'Take it Back!'. Broken Steel, however, lets you send in one of your followers, either Fawkes, Sergeant RL-3 or Charon to turn on the water purifier. And your ass is thus saved from a lethal dose of radiation.

Above: Lovely clean radiation free water

The story then picks up two weeks after 'Take it Back!'. You'll get side quests from Aqua Pura - who have taken on the task of distributing water to the Wasteland - but the new main quest focuses on locating and destroying an Enclave stronghold. Before you can launch an assault on the Enclave, you'll have to construct a new super powerful weapon called the Tesla Cannon. It can shoot down Enclave helicopters with one shot. Nice.

Above: That right there is the Tesla Cannon in action

Besides the extra gameplay, Broken Steel will also introduce the following new bits and pieces:

- Level cap is raised from 20 to 30.

- New Achievements.

- New perks. One of which will be called 'Puppies' and will give you a brand new doggy if Dogmeat ever dies.

- New higher level enemies: Super Mutant Overlord, Feral Ghoul Reaver and Enclave Hellfire Trooper.

- New locations: Presidential Metro Tunnels and Adams Air Force Base.

Above: They're Super Mutant Overlords

Above: And this would be the Presidential Metro Tunnels

If you're wondering what happens if - during the main quest - you chose to help President Eden by slipping the FEV virus into the water supply, Bethesda has said that this and other choices previously made will affect Broken Steel. Bethesda also believes that Broken Steel is bigger than both Operation: Anchorage and The Pitt, with the main quest on its own estimated at being around 4-5 hours long.

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