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How to get infinite caps in Fallout 4 - before the inevitable patch fixes it, that is

If you find yourself running low on bottlecaps during your travels through the post-nuclear war wasteland of Boston, good news: Fallout 4 (opens in new tab) players have discovered an infinite caps exploit, and it's easy to do. Simply go to a vendor and buy all of one type of ammo. Sell one - and only one - ammo back to them, but do not finalize the sale. Sell the ammo again, in any amount that does not result in you having zero ammo. Your ammo counter should not go down, but your cap count should go up.

While this should work with any vendor, there is one stipulation to keep in mind: you can only increase your caps by the amount the vendor has on them. In other words, if you come across a vendor with 2,000 caps that they use to buy from you, you won't get more than 2,000 caps out of them. Therefore, I suggest finding a particularly wealthy merchant, and all the better if you find one carrying items you want. Arturo in Diamond City is a great choice, as he not only has a good amount of caps in his pocket, but plenty of powerful weapons and armor.

If you're just getting into the Fallout series, all of this may sound confusing - what are caps, and why would you want one of them, let alone an infinite number? Well, when the world went up in nuclear smoke, so too did the economy. A new system was established, replacing paper bills and coins with bottle caps. Otherwise it functions pretty much the same, though I doubt you'll have much luck trying to get infinite money out of your local Best Buy customer service.

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