House of the Dead: Remake trailer pits Joy-cons against zombies

House of the Dead
(Image credit: Forever Entertainment)

The first trailer for the upcoming House of the Dead remake dropped during yesterday's Nintendo Indie World showcase.

The trailer, which you can check out below, starts off with some spooky cinematics showing off the titular mansion, but once that classic car comes tearing around the corner around the 29 second mark, things start to speed up, showing off the classic rail-shooting in action.

There's a brief look at some of the shooting, featuring a collection of zombies being blasted apart by the game's iconic light guns, followed by a confrontation with antagonist Dr. Curien. The game's gone through something of a graphical overhaul since its original release in 1996, but it's still instantly recognisable. In the description beneath the trailer, publisher Forever Entertainment says that the remake remains "true to the original gameplay," but there will be some "gameplay changes to suit modern gaming standards." It's not exactly clear what those will be, but it's likely to relate to the game's control scheme, unless Nintendo's planning to ship some of those classic arcade guns.

It'll be interesting to see how House of the Dead holds up, given the massive changes that the past 20+ years of first-person shooters have gone through, as well as how different the game will likely feel outside of its traditional arcade booth setting. House of the Dead: Remake is currently set to release on Switch later this year, and there's been no word on a launch on other platforms.

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