House of the Dead Overkill trailer promises more strippers

When did the term “rail shooter” become a bad thing? The latest House of the Dead: Overkill – Extended Cut teaser continues Sega’s celebration of good, clean, straightforward shooting and gore in its upcoming re-release with HD, 3D, and PS Move support. Like previous teasers, today’s trailer is done up in the style of exploitation B-movies of yesteryear, promising more blood, more gore, and of course, more strippers.

Even if you already played the Wii version, the upcoming Extended Cut should still feel fresh. From what we’ve seen in our most recent preview, it runs smoother, looks great, and works well with the Sharpshooter gun peripheral and PS Move controller. Expect the Extended to Cut to bring buckets of blood to your living room when it releases on October 25 in North America. European audiences will have to wait for the gore until October 28.

Sep 9, 2011