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Hot Pixel review

Not so much "hot" as "tepid"


  • Loads of games
  • WarioWare in comparison
  • Turning off our PSP


  • Most games are tedious
  • Games repeat endlessly
  • Not funny or cool

Oct 2, 2007

It had to happen. PSP has finally got its Wario Ware. Sadly, this is a charmless version of the Nintendo favorite. Following the quick-fire nature of WW, Hot Pixel is broken up into a succession of quick fire minigames. While certain games are temporarily diverting and show some character - drawing a line for a stock market crash while businessmen cry in the background - most are tedious affairs that show little imagination and repeat too often.

The "urban" flavour falls flat and some games are just in bad taste - a peeping tom mission, anyone? The rapid succession of games may be suited for handheld play, but they lack the variety to remain compelling.

More Info

DescriptionA WarioWare for the hip urban set? Sure, we're down with that.
US censor ratingRating Pending
UK censor rating12+
Release date (US), 22 June 2007 (UK)