Homefront: The Revolution devs say they're working on fixing the frame rate

Homefront: The Revolution has been occupied by some sub-standard frame rates since it came out earlier this week, but developer Dambuster Studios says it's working to smooth things out. Patches intended to address "these issues and more" are already underway in the studio, community manager Craig Turner wrote on the game's official forum.

If you're not sure what are the grumbling is about, here's some gameplay pulled from Homefront: The Revolution's PS4 version. It starts to get rough about 50 seconds in when there are more than a few characters onscreen at once. It's not the choppiest framerate I've ever seen, but it's far from comfortable, especially in a firefight. Oh, and spoiler warning if you can speak German.

Turner didn't provide a timeline for these performance improving updates, but hopefully they start rolling out soon. Until then the post-release free DLC schedule will continue, kicking off with complimentary Punk and Anarchist outfits for all players today (it also includes two Hail Mary instant-revive boosters).

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