UK Hitman Sniper Challenge: First winners announced. There's loads more to win but don't forget to register

On Wednesday, it was the 4th day of the 7th month of the year. That's a bit like 47. Agent 47. So we ran a one-day competition to see who could top our Hitman Sniper Challenge leaderboard on that day. Well, we have a winner! But we also have a warning. Warning first:

For your score to count, you MUST register your Gamertag/PSN ID at!

If you don't do that, you have zero chance of winning and then you'll be sad, especially when the first prize was one of these awesome Agent 47 statues...

Above: He bad. He so bad. He ain't no motherlover

...which goes to:

Xbox 360 winner: Boosting85 with a score of 2836381

PS3 winner: sarahwiltshire with a score of 2267179

Congratulations to you both! You are both being contacted right now so we can send you your prizes.

But that's not the end of the prizes by any means. Next week we'll be unveiling the prize for being on top of the leaderboards as the clock ticks over into August. Can you be the best this month? Can you be the best next month? We're running the competition in conjunction with Square-Enix every month through to October so there are still lots of prizes to be won.

How do I get involved?

All you need to do is pre-order Hitman Absolution using this link and then use the redeem code that's sent to you to download Hitman Sniper Challenge from Xbox Live Arcade or PlayStation Network. PC owners will be able to download Hitman Sniper Challenge from August 1, so our league table for PC opens next month - you'll just have to have the patience of Agent 47 and wait patiently for your moment!

Once you've got your game, you MUST register your gamertag or PSN ID at otherwise you won't be entered into the competition leaderboards. Please note, you must be over 18 and a resident of the UK.

Once you've signed up... get sniping! Simple as that. You might want to read our Hitman Sniper Challenge guide to get some tips. Best of luck.