Hitman's first Elusive Target event has been delayed

One of the main selling points for buying Hitman early was getting in on no limited-time events like Elusive Contracts. Unfortunately you'll have to wait a bit longer to try out the first one, as IO Interactive has confirmed that it won't be ready to share its first Elusive Target until closer to the release of Hitman's second episode next month.

On top of being present in the game for a limited time, Elusive Targets only allow you one shot / garrote / toilet drowning to take them down. No perfectionist mission restarts: if the proverbial chandelier misses your target, you'll just have to move on to Plan B (which, at least in my case, generally involves a lot more shouting and shooting).

The silent assassin will be able to explore Sapienza starting in April, with an all-new set of targets and challenges in a posh Italian villa. It's included as part of Hitman's Full Experience package, otherwise it will be sold as DLC for the first Hitman episode. In the meantime, you can try out two new Paris Escalation Contracts titled The Osterman Mosaic and The Gemini Fiasco.

Then again, The Holmwood Disturbance may have ruined you on all Hitman experiences that don't let you wear a cape and top hat. Fortunately, IO Interactive says the free Vampire Magician Challenge pack will be released alongside a game update "in the coming weeks", giving players 10 new challenges featuring the infamous outfit.

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