You'll have to track your next Hitman Elusive Target using orange marmalade - I'm 100% serious

Hitman's Elusive Targets have always been tricky to track down, but this current challenge really pumps up the jam. "The Black Hat" is a hacker who has managed to either avoid cameras all his life or deleted every photo of his face from existence, meaning you won't be able to match his appearance to your dossier of info. Instead, you'll have to rely on his fondness for orange marmalade. That is not a joke.

In case you're still not familiar, Elusive Targets are only available for a limited time, and once you start your attempt, that's the one chance you get. Fail to kill them within the brief window they're available or let them escape and they're gone, never to return.

Everyone has a weakness. This target's just happens to be a delicious jelly. Good luck!

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