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Leaked Hitman alpha video looks sharp (even as it ruins a fashion show)

The closed alpha for Hitman keeps leaking like a faucet. But as annoying as these too-early gameplay videos must be for Square Enix and IO Interactive, at least 47's latest adventure already looks like a slick return to form for the silent assassin.

This five-minute long video follows Agent 47 as he infiltrates a fashion show... unfortunately, the player doesn't have any idea who he's supposed to assassinate, so he just wanders through the crowds and watches the runway walk for a while. Then he goes on a brief guest-tossing rampage before getting shot down by armed guards.

IO Interactive plans to let people start buying Hitman on December 8, at which point it will kick off an ongoing "live" campaign, adding new maps, objectives, and even some limited-time assassin targets over time. You'll also be able to buy it all in a single static package after the campaign ends, if you prefer.

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