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Hitman: Absolution's barcode belongs to a bag for dildos (seriously)

And on the lighter side of the news, it turns out a game about murdering people for money has a naughtier side. It all--- ugh, sorry, we can only write like a news anchor for so long. Here’s what happened: today’s announcement trailer for Hitman: Absolutionends with a barcode. Said barcode seems to only be intended to advertise “110706” which almost definitely means June 7 of this year is when the game will debut during E3. Turns out that when you alter the coloring to match a standard UPCand scan it with an iPhone App, you are taken to an Amazon page selling a bag for storing dildos. Yeah…

You have to admit that’s pretty funny right? I mean, a dildo by itself is humorous enough, but a "Drawstring Double Dong Dildo Bag in Starry Night Blue"? That mix of the mundane with carnality makes it all the more amusing. Though safe storage ofdildos is nothing to laugh at, as those adult novelty items don’t come cheap. I’m not sure if $15 is a fair price for a dildo bag, but packing away your “fantasy toy” in a plastic bag from Best Buy just doesn’t seem as dignified. See, GR isn’t just about laughs, it’s about education.

Above: Confused by the subject? Here’s a visual aid from Dead Rising 2

May 10, 2011

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