Hitman 5: Developer CVs all-but confirm a 2011 release. IO Interactive still silent in the face of the obvious

How about if it became increasingly apparent, duringyour trips to the kitchen to aquire more booze,that they had all the necessary ingredients for the good stuff already in stock ? And that they'd been recently been leafing through the recipe? Wouldn't you start to become frustrated with your friend?


Above: Oh really, IO?

We know it's happening. There have been too many rumours, too many stories of glimpsed production notes in your studios, and above all else, too much common sense in the idea of a proper, current-gen Hitman game. And now even your own developers have admitted to working on it. They've even told us when it's coming out.

The details, as ever in cases not involving Amazon.com release schedules, come from a set of LinkedIn profiles. Three ex-IO staff - AnimatorDamien Simper, ProgrammerTheo Engel-Nielsenand Producer Rasmus Hoejengaard - have added Hitman 5 to their online CVs (although Hoejengaard has since removed the information). One of them even mentions working on a new version of IO's Glacier Engine, the tech that has powered every Hitman game to date. Kind of makes sense that they'd want to show off their first new tech in years with the first proper current-gen outing for their flagship series, no?

Hitman 5. 2011. Mark it in your diaries people. Because it's surely happening. IO won't admit it. Square-Enix won't admit it. But it's surely happening. I just wish IO would deign to make our wait a bit easier by giving us a few real details to get excited about.

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David Houghton
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