Hitman 3 easter egg sees Agent 47 offer sage advice

Hitman 3
(Image credit: IO Interactive)

A Hitman 3 easter egg concerning Agent 47 offering some very wholesome advice has been uncovered.

In the clip just below, which surfaced earlier today on the Hitman subreddit, a player explores the southern area of Chongqing, China, before blending in next to someone on a rainy sidewalk. While smoothly blending in underneath an umbrella, Agent 47 actually engages in a small conversation with the stranger entirely unprompted, to everyone's disbelief.

Found Hitman making small talk, absolutely wholesome moment. from r/HiTMAN

Even more shockingly, it's an incredibly lovely conversation. The NPC is worried that their date has bailed on them, and Agent 47 correctly points out that they agreed to meet them at 4 a.m. in the rain, not exactly the actions of someone who doesn't care. Then the professional assassin suggests the waiting person pick up the tab, as a thank you to the woman coming out in the rain to see them.

Well, we can't say we ever imagined seeing Agent 47 doing this in Hitman 3, in between murdering the shadowy figures behind modern society. It's actually an incredible bit of writing, managing a superb amount of character building for Agent 47 in merely a handful of lines.

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