Hitman 2016 gets its third Elusive Target, go forth and take him out

Hitman's third Elusive Target is currently (a)live. You should do something about that. The Prince, as this target is known, is currently wandering about in scenic Sapienza. Don't wait too long to take on this assignment though, as he'll only be available for murdering until Saturday, June 11, at 6 am Pacific / noon BST.

If you're new to the whole Elusive Target thing, here's a quick recap: Elusive Targets appear on a map for a short amount of time, and they won't appear in Instinct Mode or the mini-map. You'll need to rely on your own detective skills and the morsels of intel given to you by your handler to find and assassinate them. Fail or let the target get away, and that's it - no second chances.

Here's a briefing to get you prepped. Have fun, Agent. 

Sam Prell

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