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Hironobu Sakaguchi

If we decided to crown game designers as champions of their respective genres, Hironobu Sakaguchi would undoubtedly be glued to the RPG throne.

Credited as the creator of Final Fantasy, which every stat-loving gamer has surely sampled in one form or another, Sakaguchi is now shaping a new series of RPGs under the label of his new non-Square studio, Mistwalker.

We recently caught up with the man to discuss the recently-announced English version of his stellar Xbox 360 offering Blue Dragon as well as Lost Odyssey.

Sakaguchi: There are no changes to the game - the fundamental gameplay is the same. We've tried to stay faithful the original Japanese version and what I envisioned for the game.

The only things that we have changed are the two songs in the game - we've localized the lyrics and put the English versions in. The voiceover talent has also changed but we've tried to stay faithful to the character quality of the Japanese voice talent. So there's not a lot that you'll see that's distinctively different from the Japanese game.