Hey Arnold! The Movie review

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The reason that humans can't grow to gargantuan size is because we would collapse under our own weight. Evidently the same science applies to cartoons as well.

Hey Arnold!, one of Nickelodeon's charming animated TV shows, buckles under the burden of filling the big screen. The usual intrigue of the football-headed Arnold's (Spencer Klein) surprisingly complex relationship with his tormentor/admirer Helga (Francesca Smith) is mostly ignored in favour of a seen-it-all-before story concerning a malevolent developer (Paul Sorvino) who wants to demolish Arnold's little neighbourhood and put up a mall in its place.

The animation isn't good enough to sell breakfast cereal and the story, borrowing from Speed and Men In Black, will only entertain the most puerile of children. Jennifer Jason Leigh and Christopher Lloyd turn in welcome voice cameos, but there isn't much else to recommend it. It's not so much that there's anything irredeemably bad about Hey Arnold!, it's more a case of there being nothing noteworthy about it either.

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