Heroes 2.06 The Line review

Original US airdate: 29/10/07

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Written by: Adam Armus, Kay Foster, Tim Kring

Directed by: Jeannot Szwarc


The One Where: Claire stands up to the leader of the cheerleading squad, Bennet goes to the Ukraine in search of Isaac’s paintings and Hiro wrestles with the love thing.

Verdict: Heroes continues its alarming drift. So much of this is beginning to feel tired – dealing with a bitch queen in the cheerleading squad was hackneyed enough in the early days of Smallville, while we have yet another vision of a post-apocalyptic New York. Where have the addictive twists and shocks gone?

Highlight: Sylar informing an uncomprehending Alejandro of his murderous intentions, telling him his sister is “a shiny new toy, and she’s all mine.” The smile that follows is evil.

Goofs: 2008 New York shows a billboard for The Wedding Singer on Broadway, even though the show closed in 2006. Is someone with a love of musical theatre messing with the timeline?

Trivia: This episode is dedicated to Tim Susco, the recently deceased location manager for the show.

Did You Spot? When Peter arrives in the future there’s a billboard for an issue of 9th Wonders featuring St Joan, the “muscle mimic” character Monica is compared to in the previous episode.

Character: Are we in danger of losing sympathy for Bennet? His threat to remove his old mentor’s memories of his dead daughter show a nasty side to HRG, edging his character closer to the original dark figure of season one.

Best Line:
Monica: "Support, advice and now gifts. You’re like my own personal Oprah."

Nick Setchfield

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