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Heroes 1.14: Distractions review

Original US airdate: 5/2/07

Written by: Michael Green

Directed by: Jeannot Szwarc

Starring: George Takei, Saemi Nakamura, Jessalyn Gilsig, Paula Newsome


The One Where: We learn who Claire’s real father is…

With the help of her psychiatrist, Niki releases Jessica. Later she wakes and discovers that the psychiatrist is dead, murdered by her alter-ego. But all charges are dropped after a mysterious confession from a Death Row inmate, and Niki suspects the hand of Lindeman.

Sylar locks Bennet in the cell and takes an ID card from his wallet. He heads to the Bennet family home, disguised as an employee of Primatech. Claire’s foster mum invites him to stay for dinner but soon grows suspicious. Sylar tells her he has come to kill Claire, and is about to murder the mother when Bennet bursts in and shoots him. Sylar escapes.

Meanwhile, Claire visits Meredith, her real mother, who’s living in a trailer park in Kermit, Texas. They share their powers and, when Claire asks after her real father, Meredith says she’ll save that for their next meeting. Meredith later calls the father – it’s Nathan!

Hiro’s father demands that he return to the company and offers to make him executive vice president. Hiro protests, saying he has a different destiny, and persuades his sister to head up the company instead.

Claude continues to teach Peter how to use his power. He tells him that he’s too attached to people, and winds up pushing him over the edge of the building in a bid to make him fly – Peter smashes into a car instead, and uses Claire’s invulnerability to heal himself. He’s suddenly overloaded with powers, prophecy style, and Claude knocks him out with a punch.

Isaac paints a picture of Peter on the smashed car and tells Bennet he’s found him, along with Claude, who Bennet knows of old…

Niki is reunited with Micah, but we learn that it’s really Jessica, who has trapped Niki within a mirror…

Another entertaining turn from Eccleston, but there’s something slightly jarring about his acting style here – it’s probably the same weird tonal shift that afflicts American thesps in British shows. Still, great sequence where he and Peter smash past people on the sidewalk like a pair of invisible Richard Ashcrofts.

Elsewhere, it’s great to see another science fiction icon on the show, with a brilliant deadpan Takei turn that contains not even a smidgin of Sulu (but do check out the car licence plate…). Sylar’s chilling in this, and frankly I’m amazed Mr Muggles made it out of the episode in one piece. Oh, and the ending’s the first true kicker we’ve had in a while.

Claude: “I don't need to. I've spent a lotta time movin’ around people's homes, their bedrooms. You get to know people if you see ’em when they think they're alone. You see ’em for what they truly are. Selfish, deceitful and gassy.”

Nick Setchfield

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