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Heroes 1.13: The Fix review

Original US airdate: 29/1/07

Written by: Natalie Chaidez

Directed by: Terrence O'Hara

Starring: Elizabeth Lackey, George Takei


The One Where: Claire learns who her real mum is…

Hiro and Ando find themselves pursued by armed men. When Ando is captured, Hiro surrenders and their captors tell them they’re being taken to meet a man with true power – who turns out to be Hiro’s father, displeased with his son’s antics.

Suspended from the police force, Matt finally shares his mind-reading power with his wife. She tells him she’s pregnant.

Nathan visits Mohinder, who shows him his father’s work. Nathan warns that Peter’s power could become dangerous, and Mohinder says it’s theoretically possible to alter his genes. Peter refuses to be a guinea pig, and he’s protected by Claude, who’s now acting as his mentor.

As DL struggles to pay the rent, Micah reveals his power to empty cash machines of their money. Meanwhile, Niki meets with the psychiatrist and tells her she must get rid of her Jessica persona.

The Haitian tells Claire that her real mother died in an explosion in Texas 14 years earlier. Through research, Claire and Zach discover that the woman is Meredith Gordon, who’s very much alive. She has the power to create flame from her fingertips.

Bennet discovers that Sylar has woken and killed his guard.

Can it be coincidence that one of Eccleston’s lines is “Fantastic!”? It’s easy to see this tetchy bird fancier as an even more damaged version of the Ninth Doctor. The revelation of Claire’s real mum is interesting. All we need is an elastic-limbed hero and a brick-skinned strongman and we’ve got our own FF.

Ando: “You came back for me…”
Hiro: “This is how we roll.”

Nick Setchfield

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