Here's when you'll be able to play SaGa Frontier Remastered

A splash page showing the new-look SaGa Frontier
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Square Enix has revealed a SaGa Frontier remaster will release in mid-2021 on PS4, Nintendo Switch, Steam, iOS, and Android.

Called, predictably enough, SaGa Frontier Remastered, the game will feature updated graphics, events, cutscenes, enhancements, as well as an all-new protagonist. It'll be the first time the RPG will be available to fans in Europe. 

Square Enix confirms each of the eight characters "have different goals and endings", and your choices "will affect how events unfold using the Free-Form Scenario System", as the  "in-depth system will allow you to manipulate and expand a story all your own".

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"The 1998 PlayStation classic is back: SaGa Frontier is being remastered for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Steam, iOS, and Android – launching in Summer 2021!" Square writes in the video description.

"The team of eight have returned – now with Fuse added as a playable character! Choose your favourite character and embark on your own unique journey. Challenge yourself in nail-biting battles by using 'glimmer' as well as learning new skills such as the ability to fire consecutive special attacks from multiple team members".

Square Enix also confirmed that the game will only be available in English and Japanese.

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