Here's what's coming in Fallout 76's new Vault 94 four-player raid

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Bethesda has detailed what to expect with Fallout 76's first raid, Vault 94, when it goes live as part of Patch 12 on August 20, 2019.

In its latest Inside the Vault update, the developer offers further details about the upcoming event, confirming that whilst "bold adventurers can attempt to go it alone", it's recommended a full four-person squad of 50+ characters "to take on the timed and instanced missions you’ll encounter". 

To kick-off you must tune in to the Vault 94 Emergency Broadcast radio station. There will be three different missions with three difficulty modes available that rotate each week although – as you might expect – the higher the difficulty, the better the loot. That said, all missions in any difficulty mode will drop some Vault 94 Steel, a new resource needed to craft your Vault Armour.

"Situated on the border between The Mire and The Savage Divide, Vault 94 was once home to a utopian community of Dwellers," Bethesda explains. "Armed with nothing but a stockpile of seeds and the Vault Suits on their backs, these pacifistic people were charged with restoring the Earth’s natural abundance in the wake of the Great War. The Vault’s door rolled open exactly one year after the bombs fell. Those who had been living safely within its confines found the Wasteland, and groups of other survivors on the outside, to be less than welcoming of their arrival.

"Vault 94 remains, though its inhabitants are long gone, and it has been completely overrun by nature," it adds. "Yet, something within now threatens its destruction. Daring Appalachian explorers will need to brave many perils if they wish to save Vault 94, find out what became of its former residents, and recover the precious resources hidden within."

If the Vault 94 raid "run smoothly" on PC, it's possible the event will also be made available for consoles, too. However, the team stressed "staggering the release of Vault 94 between platforms will allow [them] more flexibility to address issues that may not be apparent until larger playerbase gains access to Vault 94 than our internal playtests allow". It also admitted that if "significant issues are discovered", the Raid may be pulled on PC until the necessary fixes can be implemented.

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