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Here's what we learned from the Ghost Recon: Wildlands beta

The Ghost Recon: Wildlands (opens in new tab) beta has come to a close. Players have slung their rifles, put away their grenades, and parked their helicopters. Now is a time for quiet reflection ahead of the game's March 7 release date.

So what have we learned from our time in Ubisoft's version of Bolivia? Read on for some impressions and thoughts from the community.

Everyone can agree it's pretty

I mean...





All pics from Reddit user Eincutr (opens in new tab).

The AI is either way too good or way too dumb

The community seems pretty split on this matter, with some players complaining that the AI automatically knows where they are and others saying that enemies are oblivious. Here are a few thoughts rounded up from the Wildlands sub-reddit (opens in new tab):

"I went into a base, killed everyone in my path without detection, place 4 C4 on the mortar sites, then left. went 500M away and lay down in the grass with my team. I touch off the bombs, the enemy instantly know my location and the entire force left alive in the camp runs up the hill at us." - E-L-I

"Either you hit and they die with nobody is the wiser, or you miss and they've instantly pinpointed your location." - Kabufu

"I attacked a small outpost with a plane, and the last enemy ran and got stuck on the propeller of the plane and just kept running. He ran in place for about 5 minutes before suddenly turning around and killing my friend." - Belrox

And here's a video showing off some rather oblivious baddies:

Players are already making guides

Reddit user Organu888 (opens in new tab) went and put together this handy map showing what weapons are dropped by the various bosses scattered across the Wildlands beta region, and I imagine more such images will be circulating in the future:

Beta players do not appreciate maintenance or ribera-1000b errors

Shortly after the beta went live, it was taken offline for maintenance. Then it was live again. Then it was down. Then live. Then down. Then… you get the idea. While some downtime is expected for the beta of an online-focused game, many players weren't happy.

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Others encountered a "ribera-1000b" error (opens in new tab) that stopped them from logging on in the first place. Thankfully this can be fixed by simple port forwarding, but again, players were upset about the hassle.

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Helicopters have minds of their own

Much like in GTA Online, players are wondering how to stop the train

Base jumping doesn't always work

Turn down that radio

I'm going to let Reddit user jfoughe (opens in new tab) take it away on this one:

"All the goddamn radios are driving me crazy. Not only are they ungodly loud, but they ruin the atmosphere, drown out an otherwise good score, and blast terrible, repetitive content everywhere you go. Did you hear the lady talk about the word bossy yet? HAHAHAHAHA I UNDERSTAND THAT REFERENCE AND HOPE TO HEAR IT AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN I AM DEAD INSIDE. Radio in cars, radios in bases, radios in tents, radios in homes, radios burrowing your ear canal, radios in your brain, radios consuming your soul."

Did we miss any big points? What did you notice that deserves a shout out?

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