Here's how Triss should look in The Witcher remake according to one fan

The Witcher
(Image credit: CDPR)

One talented Witcher fan has imagined what a redesigned Triss Merigold could look like in the remake of the original game.

The fan posted their creation to The Witcher subreddit yesterday on January 5. The artwork looks absolutely sublime, having provided three separate outfits for Triss, as well as reimagined hair based on her looks from the original Witcher game, and thankfully battle-appropriate attire for the mage.

The middle outfit in particular appears to pull from Triss' standard garb in The Witcher 3, when Geralt first runs into the mage in Novigrad. In fact, the color scheme of all three outfits is directly reminiscent of the witch's attire in The Witcher 3, at various points throughout the RPG.

If you're wondering why Witcher fans are assuming Triss will get a redesign in the remake, you need only look at the image below for evidence. The character wasn't exactly dressed for action in the original Witcher game, and it's probably something that a modern-day CD Projekt is keen to leave in the past.

The Witcher

(Image credit: CD Projekt)

Considering fans were just recently burying The Witcher's most infamous feature, perhaps it's no surprise there's a clear wish to move away from some of the less noteworthy parts of the original game. 

It's always worth remembering The Witcher remake is at least several years away from launching. CD Projekt previously revealed The Witcher remake will launch after The Witcher 4, and given the latter isn't even in full production yet, we're a good four years at least from getting our hands on the remake. 

For more on what CD Projekt is up to with its landmark franchise, head over to our guide on The Witcher 4 for all the info we have on the project to date. 

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