Here are all the new PlayStation peripherals arriving with PS4 Pro

Oh God, so much PlayStation last night. As well as the PS4 Pro reveal and the new PS4 Slim (which is just 'PS4' now), Sony also pulled out a bunch of new bits to go with it all. 

Namely a new PS4 stand, PS4 camera, redesigned DualShock, and some flashy new PS4 Platinum wireless headphones. 

Let's work though the list, shall we? 

The new PS4 DualShock controller 

Main changes here are that light strip on the touchpad, making the lightbar's output easier to see. The pad also uses a new Bluetooth system to decrease input lag wirelessly. 

Costs: $59, €59 and £54.

The new PlayStation Camera

The PS4 camera also gets a tweak, with a smaller, more cylindrical form. Other than that there's not a lot else changed. It still performs all the same functions, this is just a visual update to make it prettier for PS VR when that arrives next month. 

Costs: $59, €59 and £54.

A new Platinum PS4 wireless headset

This is basically a cosmetic upgrade for people who sniffed at the more plasticky version released originally. Specifically listed are the "premium construction and materials for extra comfort". Other than that then there's the "enhanced highly positional 7.1 virtual surround sound powered by SIE's proprietary 3D audio technology" and a hidden noise cancelling microphone. PS VR compatibility is also specficied. 

Costs: $159, €179 and £129

A PS4 4 Pro and Slim compatible stand

This new vertical stand is designed to work with both the new model (slim) PS4 and the PS4 4 Pro via an attachment for each. The press release says the stand was made from translucent material to "resemble the 'shadow' of the system when set vertically". 

Costs: $24, €19 and £16

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