Here and Now Indie: Nitronic Rush

Cost: FREE
Download here

Mix one part Speed Racer, two parts Tron, and a dash of F-Zero GX. Cook it under the exhaust of a jet engine, and you’ll get Nitronic Rush, a high-adrenaline arcade racer that puts plenty of paid games to shame. Made from scratch by a team of DigiPen students, this is one of best school projects we’ve ever seen (and played), with a bevy of futuristic, high-adrenaline tracks that live up to the game’s unique genre: experimental survival driving.

You’ll take the driver’s seat in a tricked-out racecar/jet hybrid, complete with nitro thrusters that let you bust out sweet flips or just straight-up fly through the air. But as you cruise the space-age streets, jamming to your ride's thumping techno, you’ll start to realize that the neon cities you’re zooming through seem designed specifically to kill you. Play it, and you’ll know the extreme thrill of chasing the fastest time while trying your best not to drive directly into a gigantic sawblade. It’s as crazy--and awesome--as it sounds.

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