Hellgate: London

We've snagged a trailer borne from the bowels of England's capital city, pimping the role-playing demon slaughter-fest, Hellgate: London. This cinematic pudding-pop shows a world overridden with hellspawn and introduces the magic-wielding Cabalists and the noble Templars.

Coming from much of the same team that brought us Diablo - the blockbuster click-to-kill romp - Hellgate will retain the same action-RPG style, though at times it plays like a first-person shooter. It isn't. Well, so far at least. The developers told us last week at E3 that they may insert a twitch-based class skill, but the bulk of the game will be made for the folks who are less reflexively endowed.

Anyways, we can't wait to slink through the streets of London on demon-hunting missions; but until the mysterious date of "when it's done" rolls around, this trailer will have to hold us.

May 18, 2006