You can go mental and kill everyone if you like, and it might even work once or twice. But Patton has a word of warning for the gung-ho mentalists in the audience. "Once the police know they have a bloodthirsty band of robbers in town, banks will improve their security. Police will shoot on sight and shoot to kill. You don't want to be Bonnie and Clyde." Without ruining the Bonnie and Clyde story for anyone, they died in the end.

There will also be a multiplayer element (we'll have more details on that soon), and some classic characters, including a mentally imbalanced safe-cracker, trash-talking muscle and an older mentor called Uncle Sam.

If it all feels familiar, that's the point. Our love affair with bank robberies is entirely from the movies, rather than having our lives directly threatened by violent gangs - and Hei$t is bound to flirt with the well-loved caper-film cliches.

"Design meetings for Hei$t would frequently evolve into 'then we could do that scene from Heat,'" agrees Patton, "or 'remember in Point Break? Let's do that!' I hope players get the same rush that inspired us when we watched those classic scenes." We hope so too, although we could probably do without Keanu Reeves.