Harold&Kumar Get The Munchies review

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Fop Kumar (Kall Penn) and his neurotic flatmate Harold (John Cho) share a passion for getting hopelessly bombed and watching TV. But one fateful night, a fast-food commercial propels them on to the streets of New Jersey in a quest for the perfect burger. Like Odysseus, they encounter many strange creatures, from boil-infested rednecks to a demented Doogie Howser (aka Neil Patrick Harris).

An amiable stoner comedy from Dude, Where's My Car? helmer Danny Leiner, Harold&Kumar delivers the required ingredients - - breasts, gross-out humour - - without breaking a sweat. It even finds time to poke fun at racism, as Korean Harold and Indian Kumar kick against their labels of business-school geek and humourless med-student.

Too considered to stand alongside the anarchies of Cheech and Chong, Harold&Kumar is nonetheless diverting Saturday-night fare, and probably worth an extra star if viewed through a billowing fog of weed.

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