Hard Reset demo ready to download

There's less than a week to go before, Hard Reset, the first game from fledgling studio Flying Wild Hog comes out, and you can play the demo today. It covers a good chunk of the first chapter, about 20–30 minutes of game, and gives you a taste of several weapons and a bite-sized horde of enemies to detonate - but we won't spoil it for you. You can download the demo now from the game’s page on Steam.

You play as Major Fletcher, a hard-drinking, hard-fighting, hard-sci-fi kind of military veteran for hire. Your job is to protect the last bastion of human civilization from AI controlled machines that are looking for the most efficient way to slap-chop the remnants of our species into a fine puree. Beginning in the city of Bezoar, in a cyberpunk universe with a story told through comic book–like panels, a routine security check goes bad and the game launches into a frantic, old-school style shooter. It’s kind of like Serious Sam, if Sam was actually serious. And before long, Fletcher discovers that nothing is what it seems, but not in the demo. That’s for later.

Hard Reset comes out Tuesday, September 13 for PC. It's priced at a very reasonable $30, but (as is generally the case) pre-purchasing from Steam will shave 10 percent off the admission price right now. For more info, check our most recent hard preview.

Sep 7, 2011