Hammer horror returns!

The studio that launched a thousand screams is back. Yes, Hammer films – which brought us the likes of Quatermass and Christopher Lee as Dracula – returned from the grave recently and has now announced its first film.

And in an attempt to reach out to “the kids”, the new horror will debut as 20 four-minute websidoes on Myspace.

Beyond The Rave stars Sadie Frost (still grabbing the top-shelf talent, then) and a tomb-load of unknowns in a tale of young soldier larging it in the 24 hours before he reports to Iraq. This being Hammer, things soon go scare-shaped.

"There's a demographic out there that don't know Hammer in the way my generation do. I saw that MySpace could bring us to a global audience online and it's also a great way of finding new young talent,” Hammer chairman Simon Oakes gassed to The Guardian. But don’t think that means lots of people willing to shed their clothes for stardom. "It's suspenseful, with plenty of blood, but it's not 'gore-nography'," Oakes added. Yeah, we’ll see how long that lasts. Before you know it, it’ll be boobs-a-poppin’ and limbs-a-loppin’.

The film will be toned down initially for the web release, but then shoved in all its gory glory onto DVD. We’re sure Christopher Lee can be convinced to make his 59 billionth film appearance…

Scope out the trailer here .

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