ODST and Relic are looking good in these Halo: TMCC screens

A quiet and mysterious one-night detective story, Halo: ODST is still a unique outlier next to the grand shootouts and high-stakes battles of the Halo series - so it's great to see progress on the visually remastered version, which is coming free to everyone who played Halo: The Master Chief Collection online by December 19. As you can see above, 343 Industries has released the very first screenshot of ODST's shiny new streets.

No, literally, look how shiny those streets are. One of the worst rainstorms in Kenyan history would hit New Mombasa right in the middle of the Covenant invasion, wouldn't it? Anyway, I'm excited to see how the original game's unique character carries over to the up-rezzed version.

Meanwhile, developer Certain Affinity is working on the Halo 2: Anniversary version of the Relic multiplayer map, which will be given out free to all players. You can see in the screenshot above that it's adding quite a bit of detail, making the arena feel like a more coherent part of the Ringworld than just a rocky outcropping for Spartans to shoot each other on.

The recent matchmaking patch should make sure you can actually enjoy the new map online, too. 343 says it has another content update for the game set for April, and that it will share more details about ODST and Relic (including their release dates) "soon".

Connor Sheridan

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