Halo Infinite Training Mode sounds like a great way to learn the ropes

Halo Infinite multiplayer
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There's going to be a Halo Infinite Training Mode for players to practice multiplayer matches against bots.

The new Training Mode for Halo Infinite was actually just unveiled earlier today by in-game Academy designer David Ellis, through the tweets you can see just below. Ellis reveals that the Training Mode will be a feature where players can specifically hone their shooting skills against and alongside AI bots, before taking the fight to human players in online modes.

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Additionally, Ellis reveals that this Training Mode will be available to all Halo Infinite players taking part in the upcoming preview sessions for 343's game. These two preview phases will be launching later this month, stretching from September 23 to 26, and September 30 to October 3, and offer players a final chance to check out the multiplayer portion of Halo Infinite before it launches later this year.

In fact, invitations for both Halo Infinite multiplayer technical preview sessions are now going out to players who were lucky enough to be selected. If might want to check your email inbox for an invitation from 343 for both preview sessions of Halo Infinite, as well as your junk folder. It appears invites are still going out at the time of writing, so don't worry if you're yet to receive an invitation.

Halo Infinite finally arrives later this year on December 8 for PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S, all through Xbox Game Pass on day one. It's been a long road for 343's sequel, after being delayed out of launching near the end of last year, but now the end of the road is finally in sight for Halo Infinite.

You can check out our previous Halo Infinite multiplayer preview for an idea of what to expect throughout both upcoming sessions.

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